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ATC2 Characters

This page holds the names of the player characters, as well as the names of all the NPCs and a little bit of information about each of them. If the game requires it, we'll turn this into a full-fledged character guide.

Player Characters

Fitzroy Teddington, played by Moogle.
Ian Savolino, played by Calculus.
Katrina Hunter, played by Mechalink.
Rochelle Krogstad, played by Ardweden.
Leopoldo Grahovac, played by Zegon.
Vera Aliyeva, played by Brett.
Demetreia Kanenas, played by Sharyna.
Thren Tsukitomi, played by Todd.

The ATC2 Character and NPC Guide, updated by Mechalink, contains detailed information on each character and every NPC who looks like they might be important.
The ATC2 Quotes file.
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