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ATC2 World Info and Chargen

The files are generally listed in a good order to read them, but only Info.txt is required.
There is a lot of data contained in these files. Some of it will be useful to you, and some of it won't. We stress that you aren't expected to memorize any of this, though you should be familiar enough with it you can use it as reference material if you need to.

World Files
Contains short paragraphs about all the info you need for the game. -- Info.txt
Contains information about the game world/setting -- World.txt
Contains information on the Twenty-Four mutation -- Mutation.txt
Contains information about countries and corporations -- Corporations.txt
Contains information on the Sleythin and Bugs -- Aliens.txt
Contains information on technological advances -- Technology.txt
Contains information on cultural issues -- Culture.txt
A timeline of important events -- Timeline.txt

Chargen Files
This is the main Character Generation File. -- Chargen.txt
These are the rules for OBM useage -- OBM.txt
These are the rules and prices for Twenty-Fours -- Twenty-Four.txt

Plot Guide
The Plot Guide keeps track of the running and possible plots and plot arcs that exist in the ATC2 universe at the time.
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